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French court four-door wine cabinet


Color: Ivory white painted silver,red pear painted gold

Size: 1860*490*2400MM

Main material : Medium height fiberboard , environmentally friendly resin, built-in solid wood .

Paint:The use of environmentally friendly paint , multi-purpose process , the mellow rich European style retro freeze .

Process: Elegant romantic carved , non-machine stamping , exquisite carved three-dimensional noble , shallow carved cut , highlight the craftsmen burn pure art , very visual beauty .

The advantages of the French court four-door wine cabinet: classic color, consistent luxury style, with its own unique style personality, raw materials come from nature, set the natural essence in one, truly show the unique taste of furniture, high-grade, heavy, long-lasting

Special note: Goods are taken in kind , for the shooting of light and computer display different , the color of the product . picture may be a small color , the product prevail in kind

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