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Small Luxury House Solid carved furniture


Style: European style 

Post-packing volume: cube             

Delivery cycle: 45 days


Single person: 120*100*136

Double seat: 183*100*136

Trio: 240*100*136

Product material: Master design , the use of mahogany , rubber wood solid wood frame , pure hand wood carving , excellent carving process.

Carved display: The meticulous technical inheritance is the classic inheritance
Carefully crafted. Craftsman's heart: elegant and detailed lines, coupled with fine silver jewelry is even more outstanding
Double-sided engraving. Premium luxury: exquisite carving before and after echoing, let you appreciate what luxury
Imported pearl leather: bright and smooth, natural texture, good air permeability, comfortable and soft
Strict pull buckle technology: Pull buckle orderly separate soft bag convex feeling, let rely to become enjoy!
Exquisite fabric lumbar pillow: comfortable velvet, high-grade printing, high-quality male cotton for the ultimate experience!
Cushion display: automatic adjustment cushion comfort, one second rebound, the ultimate comfort!
Handrail display: wide handrails, imported leather wrap, comfortable and comfortable!
Seiko secret agents.

Special note: Goods are taken in kind , for the shooting of light and computer display different , the color of the product . picture may be a small color , the product prevail in kind.

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