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Green leather solid wood sofa


Style: European style 

Post-packing volume: cube     

Delivery cycle: 45 days


Single person: 1380*1100*1450mm(long and wide )

Double seat: 2100*1100**1510mm(long and wide)

Trio: 2530*1100*1530mm(long and wide)

Four people: 3200*1100*1530mm(long and wide )

The advantages of green leather sofa: 1. Imported solid wood, the sofa frame is made of Russian imported solid wood, which is strong and durable. 2 hand-carved, traditional hand-carved art, traditional hand-carved art, classical classics. 3 leather pillows, do not miss every detail pillow after hundreds of designs with no luxury 4 paint process, paint with green materials, and effectively maintain the wood grain road 5 imported top layer leather sofa top layer with Italian imported calfskin, comfortable Breathable.

Special note: Goods are taken in kind , for the shooting of light and computer display different , the color of the product . picture may be a small color , the product prevail in kind.

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