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Villa European luxury sofa

Style: European style 

Post-packing volume: cube             

Delivery cycle: 45 days


Single person: 138*110*152

Double seat: 205*110*155

Four people: 320*110*170

coffee table : 1800*1000*550

Product materialHigh-quality rubber wood, double-sided carved, frame is not easy to crack deformation. The leather is the first layer of yellow leather, and the riveting process is strictly arranged so that the leather material and the wood are closely attached, and the utility model is beautiful and practical. Paint green, delicate film, good coverage, safety and environmental protection without odor.

Carved: Corresponding to each other before and after the two-sided carving, can not conceal the details of the skills, but also highlight the noble and elegant.
Armrests: full head layer leather seat, elastic just, filled with high-density foam and rebound spring package.
Cushion: The solid wood sofa legs are boldly reinforced to firmly grasp the ground and withstand evenly and securely.

Special note: Goods are taken in kind , for the shooting of light and computer display different , the color of the product . picture may be a small color , the product prevail in kind.

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