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simple style sofas

color: picture color 

size : three people:208*95*80cm

Double seat: 158*95*80cm

Single person: 128*95*80cm

Post-packing volume: cube

Dilivery cycle: 45days 

Product material: 1.polished solid wood sofa legs , durable and not deformed .

2.Sofa cushion using high density sponge .

3. Solid wood sofa legs , durable , better bearing capacity .

Fresh and natural colors, elegant and steady, give the furniture a relaxed and pleasing atmosphere. The whole is more harmonious and more comfortable.Cow leather touch sofa easy to take care of.

simple. casual

From structure to modeling, from color to strength balance, all interpret the pursuit of home. The simple design reveals a strong sense of fashion, elegant design, and creative ideas.

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