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Open-air leisure table and chairs

 Material : PE vine 

Open-air leisure table and chairs size : as shown on the picture, large quantity can also be customize

Advantages of open-air leisure tables and chairs:  tight and compact weaving (good work) Inclined glass is more intimate (does not hurt the hand), the chair has more than 300kg of pipe (not afraid of fat), the leveling work is balanced (away from the explosion line), the seat is large Pipe rack (not shaking), immediately intertwined (with value) .Double protection, alone plus suck ultraviolet anti-oxygen molecular, play a double protective effect, enhance the life. Absorption ultraviolet, strong pull soft tough, anti-oxygen molecular

Tips: Rattan furniture is the reform process of the real rattan furniture. It is more popular with modern times. It is common indoors and outdoors. This is something that ordinary furniture can't do, and it has begun to find that it has gradually gained more recognition. Imitation vine, also known as PE vine, PVC vine, has the natural properties of real vine, polymer of polymer, compared with real vine, smoother and more delicate, the toughness and anti-aging and anti-fasting properties that vine does not have, not worming The worm likes it, generally does not need your care.

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