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Types of wood for furniture

Jun 19 , 2018

Wood species are split up into hardwoods and softwoods. The terms are botanical: Hardwoods are flowering deciduous trees, usually with broad leaves, and softwoods are evergreens that typically have needles and cones. Hardwood trees typically grow slower than softwoods, resulting in wood that is denser than their slow-growing counterparts.

You may assume that hardwood would hold up better than softwood, and in most cases you’re right. As a general rule, hardwoods are harder than softwoods and, as a result, stronger and more durable. There are a few exceptions: Oak is a sturdy hardwood (please see all those cabinets from the 90s that are still going strong), but balsa, another hardwood, is actually softer than some softwoods. And yew is a softwood that’s relatively hard. Don’t focus too much on those, though, since those kinds of woods aren’t usually used to make furniture.

Because hardwoods grow more slowly, they are usually more expensive. You will often find cheaper furniture made from a fast-growing softwood like pine (that’s why Ikea sells so much low-cost pine furniture).

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Types of wood for furniture

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