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How To Choose Solid Wood Bed?

Jun 15 , 2018

Solid Wood Bed is a kind of bed, except for the main parts of the bed, except for the decorative parts and accessories. The rest is made of wood materials such as solid wood sawn timber or solid wood planks. For tips on how to pick a solid wood bed, give us some tips:

1. Look at the material: Look at the hardness and wood grain of the wood. The higher the hardness of the wood, the more beautiful the wood grain, the more precious the material, and the higher the price.

2. Folding check the solid wood: When selecting, you can see whether the corresponding position of the bed corresponds to the pattern and knot. The real solid wood surface is generally chromatic.

3. Check the details: see if there is cracking, scarring, insect eyes, and mildew in the solid wood. As long as there are these kinds of situations, do not buy it.

4. Smell: See if there is a stimulating odor. If there is a stimulating odor, it is likely that there is an excessive amount of formaldehyde in the paint on the surface of the solid wood bed. In such a case, do not buy it. This will cause great harm to the body. .

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Solid Wood Bed

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