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Sofa Is Safer Than Washing

Sep 12 , 2018

Teach everyone to use a clean little helper for Customized Removable Washable Sofa .Just use this stick, with 75% alcohol and a clean rag, you can easily clean the sofa.

First pour the alcohol into the spray bottle and spray it on the rag. The concentration of 75% alcohol is just good for disinfection and can be purchased at general pharmacies.

After evenly damaging the rag, spread the rag on the sofa.

Then use the stick to keep tapping the rag.

Turn over the rag, the original clean rag is all dust!

The principle is very simple, that is, by tapping, the dust in the Customized Modern Minimalist Sofa pops up. The dust that came out was absorbed on the rag that was wet with alcohol. If your sofa is still detachable, you can use the same method to dry the silk inside the sofa

Customized Modern Minimalist Sofa

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