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How to pair a sofa and chair?

May 25 , 2018

A sofa with high density sponge cushion and chair pairing can make any room stylish and inviting. We keep three key themes in mind when seeking the perfect partnership between sofas and chairs: design, scale and materials. This trifecta works in tandem to help create a lounge space that's as comfortable as it is eye-catching. We picked some of our favorite sofa and chair combos and analyzed why they work so well together.

If you're drawn to European style

Our simple European style sofas + Callan leather chair (featured above) are a natural combination.


Our durable living room sofa button-tufted back and Callan's channeled back both add classic textures to this room. These design details are different enough that they don't compete with each other, allowing each piece to shine.


The chair's softer shape beautifully complements the tightly tailored sofa.


Both sofa with high density sponge cushion and Callan feature vintage-inspired wood bases, paired with either a comfortable fabric or leather, for a stunning mix of materials.

How to pair a sofa and chair?

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