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Simple Style Wardrobe Maintenance Skills

Oct 20 , 2018

Clean up

Daily cleaning of Simple Style Wardrobe is very simple. Dry towels or feather dusters remove dust from the surface. If there is stain on the closet, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. In addition to the wardrobe, the wardrobe should be cleaned regularly.

2. Avoid drying:

All wardrobes can't be exposed to the sun, so European wardrobes are no exception, the most taboo. When placing a European wardrobe, be careful not to place cold or hot items on the European wardrobe. Do not place the organic solution on the surface. Will affect the life of the wardrobe, the maintenance of the European wardrobe, try not to put the European wardrobe close to the window.

3. Cleaning:

The maintenance surface of the Rubber Wood Bedroom Furniture has hardware decoration. Just wipe it gently with a rag. Remember to wash it with chemicals containing detergent, especially acidic liquid. This will oxidize the hardware and have color if the gold-plated surface is really dirty. The point is difficult to remove, can be wiped with kerosene, and then rinsed with water, home decoration all-inclusive, half-pack, clear package, not as good as the entire installation.

4. Ventilation:

If the European wardrobe is a wooden wardrobe, it should not be placed in a damp place to avoid the expansion of the wood. As time goes by, it is very easy to rot and the drawer will not open. It should be waxed regularly, preferably every season. It looks shiny and easier to clean. The Chinese wardrobe is very different from the European wardrobe. Repair tips are here.

Simple Style Wardrobe

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