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How to customize a rubber wood bookshelf?

Jul 03 , 2018

Many households never seem to have enough shelf space for their books, magazines and other odds and ends. Over the years, many of us invariable accrete more and more stuff that we do not want to throw away. And usually there is just never enough storage space. The easiest solution is to build quick and easy bookshelves that will store your books and whatever else you need to display. For putting away stuff you could add a drawer at the bottom of a simple bookshelf.

Fortunately, building a simple bookshelf is not very difficult and there are good reasons why you should build rather than buy a bookshelf. For one, you can design a bookshelf for your specific needs and wall space. Moreover, building a simple bookshelf with sturdy material is far cheaper than buying a readymade one, many of which are either shoddily made or use poor quality material.

Step 1: Design

Even an apparently simple piece of furniture such as a bookshelf has endless design possibilities. Some are rough and ready while others can be infinitely ornamental. Some bookshelves are open whereas others are enclosed with shutters; some come with drawers while others are decorated with moulding. Decide what kind you want but keep it simple in the beginning. Another very important consideration is the dimensions: how big are your books going to be? Are they only paperbacks in which case you only need small and shallow shelves? Or are your books going to large coffee table books that require considerable depth and height? Then there is the question of wall space: where are you going to mount the bookshelf? Or would you prefer a floor standing one? There are various considerations while designing your bookshelf and everybody will have her own ideas on this. I will stick to showing you how to put together a very basic, wall mounted bookshelf and you could improvise after that.

Step 2: Buying Lumber

My first advice is to buy good quality lumber for your project. Some of my bookshelves are made of top quality CP Teak but for most projects that is kind of overkill. Good quality board or plywood will do as well. I use the slightly more expensive 戮 inch rubber wood boards available in most lumber yards in India these days. The advantage with rubber wood board is that it does not require veneering or any kind of elaborate surface preparation for painting or polishing. Board and most plywood, on the other hand, need to be covered in veneer or laminate or prepped for painting. Rubber wood can be painted very easily or polished beautifully if you have the time and inclination.

All board pieces are usually sold as 8 by 4 feet or 3 by 6 feet sheets. Many lumber yards will also have a professional cutter close by. Use his services to cut the sheet to the specific sizes for your rubber wood bookshelf. Leave an extra 1/8th of an inch to plane and sand the cut pieces or ask the cutter/carpenter to plane and square each piece of wood you are going to be using in your bookshelf project. Squaring and planning lumber is the most crucial task in any woodworking project and can often defy the novice woodworker or hobbyist. It is best to buy lumber or sheet boards from a lumber yard that has a decent carpenter/woodworker around. Get all the pieces cut exactly to size and prepared for assembly. This will save you a whole lot of elbow grease, bother and time.

Step 3: Joinery

Joinery is at the heart of all woodworking projects. There are various types of joints ranging from the simple butt joint to beautiful dovetail joints.

The simplest way to put together a rubber wood bookshelf would be to cut the pieces to size and nail them together with butt joints and then nail a piece of 录 inch plywood on the back. Such a rubber wood bookshelf would be functional but would neither be long lasting nor visually appealing. Over time, nails become loose and the seasonal expansion of wood and metal weaken the joint. Using screws rather than nails in a better fastening option. The best of course are fancy joints glued together.

How to customize a rubber wood bookshelf?

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