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Why is rubber wood bedroom furniture considered good quality?

Jul 28 , 2018

If you are looking for a rubber wood bedroom furniture supplier, this happens because of its name and its perceived qualities. “Rubber” suggests flexibility. And this is not something that people associate with furniture, which must be felt as durable.

This has represented a huge problem, especially in South East Asia, which furniture exports towards the Western world have suffered greatly from this fact. One of the things they have done has been to rebrand rubber wood into Hevea. The other is to use veneer - thin sheets of other more noble wood species applied on the visible parts of furniture, while using a rubber wood core.

As others have pointed out, it is strong and nice, and grows rapidly, but is also a bit “dull”. It has no personality. So, it is not very suitable for high-end products which are made to show the patterns of the wood.

As you see on the image on top, one of the ways to make it more interesting is like this - by combining several pieces so to form a patterned - and more interesting - panel: this is called “blockwood”, and it is one of the four main “man-made” woods used in the industry. If you are interested in wood use for furniture making, I am giving a deeper explanation here: What are the types of wood used in furniture?

That said, rubber wood bedroom furniture is a wonderful and inexpensive material which is well suited to production of sturdy and cheap furniture. Its only fault, if it has one, is its name.

Why is rubber wood bedroom furniture considered good quality?

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