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Precautions Of Simple Style Wardrobe

Sep 08 , 2018

1. If you need to move the Simple Style Wardrobe, first remove the items inside the wardrobe, then move it, and lift it gently to avoid loose or even broken wedge structure or tripod.

2, solid wood wardrobe should not be placed in a damp position, but also to avoid being soaked by liquid for a long time, otherwise there will be mildew, expansion or foaming of the sheet.

3. It is not advisable to use a dry or very moist rag when wiping the wardrobe of Living Room Furniture to avoid scratching the surface of the wardrobe. At the same time, it is impossible to make sharp objects hit the closet to protect the cabinet, the edge seal, and the internal structure of the closet.

4. When using the drawer or the cabinet door, gently pull the light and close, and the excessive drag will cause the wardrobe structure to loosen.

5, usually avoid sun exposure wardrobe, to prevent paint film peeling or cracking deformation, leather fading, when the weather is dry, it is best to use a wrung wet rag to wipe the wardrobe surface.

6, some heavy objects should not be placed on the closet for a long time, can not be used too much force when moving, to prevent bending deformation or plate deformation.

Simple Style Wardrobe

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