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Patterns And European Sculpture Complement Each Other

Aug 24 , 2018

The origin of the mahogany name is because of its romantic aristocratic peach petals color, different mahogany colors, just like different European Dining Table have difference color, ranging from golden yellow to deep reddish brown. Moreover, the color of rare wood such as huanghuali and red sandalwood grows deeper and deeper, and the color of mahogany will develop from the initial reddish brown to the later dark red brown brown. In addition, the mahogany has a clear pattern and transforms into a spiral pattern as the branches branch. This meticulously varied wood grain is matched with European-style engraving, and there is a kind of European royal court after the fine product.

Unusual colors and patterns were very popular when they first entered the British court. In the 18th century, Sir Walter Raleig made a European mahogany desk for Queen Elizabeth I. Since then, the reputation of mahogany has increased day by day, and it has been in the life of the nobility. Unprecedented pursuit. To this day, the craftsmen are still willing to use the open paint coating method to show the pattern of the mahogany.

European Dining Table

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