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Maintenance Of Large Capacity Bookshelf

Sep 21 , 2018

1. If the weather is damp, the user can use your dehumidifier or desiccant to baby your love book and Large Capacity Bookshelf.

2. Books with heavy weight and large size should be placed on the lower layer of the bookcase as much as possible to avoid the excessive volume of the bookcase partition, and the “top-heavy” can easily lead to the instability of the bookcase. Carefully collide, the bookcase has the possibility of falling over.

3. Large or thick books, it is best to place the lower layer of the bookcase, it is easier to take.

4. Try to avoid bumping during transportation to prevent surface damage and cause the cabinet to rust.

5. When handling, it should be handled gently, keep it level, and keep a certain distance from the wall.

6. Place the ground to keep it dry and prevent moisture and alkalization. Avoid contact with acid-base liquids to prevent the cabinet from being corroded.

7. Keep the surface of the cabinet clean. If the surface is not clean, wipe it with a cleanser and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

8. Switch the Simple Bookshelf door and drawer to lightly open and close to avoid violent impact.

9. Do not hit the cabinet with hard objects, and do not use sharp objects to mark the surface.

10. Pay attention to the use of air conditioners. Do not switch the air conditioner frequently to cause the indoor dry humidity to change continuously.

Large Capacity Bookshelf

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