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Maintenance Of European Style Bed

Aug 14 , 2018

1. The cigarettes that we usually smoke, the burning things that are not extinguished, and so on, will leave serious scorch marks on European Style Bed. If it is burning, you can attach a layer of gauze to the toothpick, gently wipe the traces on the furniture, and then apply a layer of wax to erase the scorch.

2. The white tabletop and white chairs inside the home are very easy to get dirty. It is not easy to remove dirt when using linen. At this point, we might as well try to squeeze it on a clean linen with toothpaste. Wipe the white European furniture, just wipe it gently, the oil will be removed. Because the abrasive powder contained in the toothpaste has a lot of decontamination effect.

3. After purchasing furniture from living room Furniture factory, the maintenance measures for European furniture need to be paid attention to. After using rattan furniture or bamboo utensils for a long time, it will accumulate and a large amount of dirt. At this point we can use salt water to scrub. Not only can dirt be removed, but the softness and toughness of the furniture can be guaranteed.

European Style Bed

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