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Maintenance Of European Dining Table

Aug 21 , 2018

1, European Dining Table should be placed in a position away from the door, window, tuyere and other areas with strong air activity, not to be exposed to the sun.

2, the solid wood table should not be placed in the vicinity of the heating in winter, should not be overheated indoors, usually it is appropriate to wear a sweater indoors; when the summer falls, it is necessary to open the air conditioning and dehumidification, reduce the swelling of the wood and prevent the structure of the sputum. Wet up and deform and open the seam.

3, to adhere to Rectangular Japanese style dining table neat, usually clean the dust with a clean gauze. It is not advisable to use a chemical brightener to prevent the paint film from being damaged. In order to adhere to the brightness of the paint film on the table, the walnut can be crushed and peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze.

4. Dust is actually a kind of abrasive particles. When scrubbing dust, use soft cotton cloth to wipe back and forth along the wood grain. If you use a hard dry cloth to rub the paint surface, it will form a frosted scene on the paint surface, making it lose its luster.

5, every six months or a year can be waxed at home privately, there is a certain assistance for the maintenance of solid wood dining table. If you move the solid wood dining table, you should lift the dining table and do not drag it to prevent the loosening of the overall structure of the dining table.

European Dining Table

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