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Mahogany Species Origin

Jul 20 , 2018

From the source, the material  of European mahogany desk, mahogany is not produced in the UK, and Central America and Africa are its real hometown. However, the active Dutch and British people accidentally landed in Indonesia 400 years ago, where the fertile soil and the hot tropical rainforest climate attracted them. As a result, the Dutch and the British brought the mahogany from Honduras and Africa to Indonesia. Wood furniture mahogany furniture advantages and disadvantages mahogany furniture price "wood furniture mahogany furniture advantages and disadvantages mahogany furniture prices" Since then, a large-scale planting movement has begun, and this alien tree species is not acclimatized, Indonesian mahogany that combines the dual advantages of Honduran mahogany and African mahogany. Dutch and British engravers have come to Indonesia to create the finest mahogany furniture with exquisite craftsmanship, dedicated to the royal family of the motherland. At this point, mahogany completed cross-border navigation on several continents. No one thought that the mahogany scattered in distant Africa and Central America became the royal item of European royal furniture. In this wide-ranging turmoil, the value of mahogany is getting higher and higher, and furniture made with top European mahogany desk wholesaler is naturally population.

European mahogany desk

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