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Top 5 tips for choosing living room furniture

Jun 22 , 2018

As a professional living room furniture manufacturer, we can tell you 5 tips for choosing living room furniture:

1. Remember that only two people can have a conversation on a sofa so if space is limited you are better to buy a couple of two-seater sofas as the third seat is often redundant!

2. Three-piece suites have seen better days, so for an on-trend look, buy a sofa and if you have space, a couple of nice armchairs (they don't have to match). I've found that people do like their own space, so usually prefer an armchair if there's a choice.

3. Sofas are very expensive to have re-covered so opt for a fabric that you won't get tired of. A brightly coloured or patterned fabric is always going to be a riskier option for longevity. We can provide European leather sofa with competitive price.

4. Mix up the styles of furniture as it adds interest. A couple of contemporary side tables in a room with classic pieces can work very well.

5. Zone your room clearly if it is a multi-function room by using a console table or desk.

Top 5 tips for choosing living room furniture

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