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Legend Of Mahogany

Aug 01 , 2018

In the Americas and Europe, mahogany is considered as an imported high-grade raw material for furniture and cabinet manufacturing such as European style sofa with mahogany. As a good material, mahogany has very good physical properties. It is these qualities that make it acceptable to the craftsmen of all countries even if it flows through several continents. It is one of the most expensive woods in the world and is used for furniture, musical instruments, etc. The unusual colors and patterns were very popular when they first entered the British court. In the 18th century, Sir Walter Raleig made a mahogany for Queen Elizabeth I. Since then, the reputation of mahogany has increased day by day, and it has been in the aristocratic life. Unprecedented pursuit. To this day, the European style sofa manufacturer are still willing to use the open paint coating method to show the pattern of the mahogany.

Mahogany belongs to hardwood. Hardwoods are generally very resistant to corrosion, and mahogany is no exception. It is precisely because of the compact texture and high density of mahogany, the mahogany is very resistant to corrosion. At the same time, mahogany has its own unique fragrance, which can remove termites, which is the best choice for people in the ant pan area, which is one of the essential advantages of high-end wood.

European style sofa with mahogany

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