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Knowledge Of Simple Style Wardrobe

Oct 13 , 2018

1. Independent wardrobes generally refer to finished Simple Style Wardrobe. They can be used directly when bought back, suitable for families who are in a hurry. The separate wardrobe is dust-proof and has a large storage space, but it will be troublesome to organize, and it needs a large area and sufficient illumination.

2, open wardrobes from Simple Style Wardrobe Supplier usually do not have a wardrobe door, all the clothes are at a glance, easy to find, can save a lot of time. In the winter, some coats, scarves and other frequently used clothes are hung in the open closet for easy access. Easy to get into the dust is the biggest drawback of the open wardrobe, and there is no cover for the wardrobe door. The messy clothes in the closet affect the beauty of the bedroom.

3, the embedded wardrobe is also called the wall-mounted wardrobe, the wardrobe is embedded in the wall not only saves space, but also makes the whole bedroom space more uniform and beautiful. Built-in wardrobes increase space usage and are the choice of many small family homes. However, the built-in wardrobe needs to measure the size of the installation position, can be customized, is not suitable for moving, is not easy to replace, is not conducive to ventilation.

4. The cloakroom is a wardrobe that integrates storage, makeup, fitting and other functions in a single room. The cloakroom is characterized by a large space and a large storage space, suitable for large families. However, the cloakroom needs to be customized in a separate space and has a large footprint. In order to prevent dust, the door is usually closed and the air circulation is not good.

Simple Style Wardrobe

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