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How To Maintenance European Leather Sofa

Sep 14 , 2018

1. After the newly purchased European Leather Sofa is properly placed, first apply a clean soft cloth to carefully clean the surface of the dust. Remember to use the cloth directly to clean the cloth, otherwise the leather life of the sofa will be greatly reduced.

2. After the surface cleaning is finished, the newly purchased fashion leather sofa also needs to be treated with certain protective treatment on the surface, that is, protective agent care. In this way, even if you encounter pen oil, oil stains and other stains in the future, you can easily remove them, and it can effectively prevent mold.

3, the fashion leather sofa in the future, the daily care is much simpler, wipe the surface dust with a squirting gentle tide towel every week, and use a leather cleaner to clean it thoroughly for about 2-3 months. Just fine.

4, of course, the daily protection of the Durable Living Room Sofa is also pay attention to, not only to avoid being overly exposed by the sun, but also to avoid being in the environment of the tide, so that the stylish leather sofa will remain smooth for a long time. As new as possible.

European Leather Sofa

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