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How To Buy Green Leather Solid Wood Sofa

Sep 29 , 2018

First, view the workmanship

Whether the workmanship is exquisite, first look at the leather surface in the conspicuous position such as the backrest and the cushion, whether it is smooth and smooth, and then check the leather surface in other places. If there is a phenomenon of being broken or cracked, it is not appropriate, and there is no sharp object such as nails. Then, touch the frame part, if the edge of the frame can be touched by the padding, it indicates that the lining is hand-made and easy to wear in a short period of time.

Second, view the wooden frame

A good set of Hand Carved Wood Sofa must be framed with square timber and fixed with panels on the sides. Of course, the wooden frame hidden inside the sofa is invisible, we can hold the sofa by hand to feel the weight. If the sofa is made of packaging board and plywood, the weight of the sofa is relatively heavy, and the solid wood frame is relatively heavy. You can also sit on the sofa and shake it from side to side to feel the firmness.

Third, view the leather

Green Leather Solid Wood Sofa are actually a general term. Pigskin, horseskin, suede and cowhide can be used as sofa materials. You must figure out what leather is used. Among them, cowhide leather is soft, thick and the best quality. Nowadays, the sofa is generally made of water-skinned leather, the leather is thick and the price is affordable. Better still are yellow cowhide and green cowhide. The skin texture of horseskin and suede is similar to that of cowhide, but the surface cortex is slack, it is easy to peel off after a long time, and it is not durable, so the price is cheap.

Green Leather Solid Wood Sofa

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