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What is the ideal dining table and chair height?

Jul 06 , 2018

What is the ideal dining table and chair height? The table and chair height are important considerations and it doesn't matter if you're considering the following restaurant furniture:

a) Buying a dining table and chairs all together as a set (less likely here though for things to be wrong).

b) Buying a dining table to go with an existing set of chairs.

c) Buying a set of chairs to go with an existing table.

Before going further, it's worth suggesting that with b) and c) above, if your existing table or chairs are of an unusual height and you plan to replace at a later date, then it may be prudent to compromise at this stage. That's as far as practicalities allow. This will ensure that your new purchase is future proof.

For ideal comfort, there is a direct correlation between chair seat height and table height. Sounds simple enough. But introduce table top thickness and top rail height (together, as with refectory type tables), and you've effectively narrowed down the workable parameters.

As an European dining table supplier, Dehui can produce restaurant furniture including European dining table. We can also help you to solve the height problems of the dining table and chairs.

What is the ideal dining table and chair height?

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