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European and American furniture features

May 25 , 2018

European and American furniture and more European-style luxury-based Oh, the main purchase depends on what your home style, simple and elegant on the dark furniture, but there are a lot of furniture on the market wooden fish head, so be careful when choosing Oh, here to tell you about it. First, it is worth noting that, from the surface can see the quality of wood furniture in the wood-based furniture to particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood-based substrate, the surface decorated with melamine, PVC, wood thin wood and paper Woodgrain and other wood veneer, Imitation Wood pattern clear and natural, smooth, has a good visual effect and feel. When buying furniture, mainly look at the surface of furniture materials sheet scratches, indentation, bubbling, degumming, peeling and plastic marks and other defects. Second, in addition, the side, the surface decoration mainly depends on the decorative parts gluing is uniform, the bond is solid, trimming flat and smooth, the parts next to the board, door, drawer panel and other visual part of the mouth at the end is Edge treatment, decorative plate edges can not touch the traces of sticky.

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