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Classification Of Sofa Fabrics

Oct 20 , 2018

There are many types of customized removable washable sofa fabrics, each of which has its own unique advantages. As the most popular fabric fabric on the market, the sofa is comfortable and comfortable. Especially in autumn and winter, sofas with fabrics make you feel the warmth of home more than leather sofas. There are many kinds of fabrics. Maybe you will be dazzled when you choose the market. Which kind of fabric sofa fabric is good? Below, Xuanyi sofa brings everyone to understand the types and characteristics of several popular fabric sofa fabrics.

1, flannel

Customized modern minimalist sofa is soft and feels smooth and elastic. From the past corduroy to the present suede, the flannel is close to the fashion trend, constantly changing from the glamorous and elegant. Relative to other fabrics, the price of flannel fabrics is slightly more expensive.

2, pure cotton

Cotton fabric sofas are breathable, close to the skin and naturally environmentally friendly. The heat resistance and alkali resistance of cotton make the sofa of cotton fabric not easy to be damaged during cleaning or cleaning.

3, blended

The fabric sofa blended with cotton and chemical fiber materials from modern minimalist sofa supplier can present the visual effect of silk, or flannel, or linen. In recent years, with the rise of differentiated chemical fiber and blended fiber and blended fabrics, coupled with the increasingly perfect dyeing and finishing process, the soft feel and high simulation effect of fabric sofas of blended fabrics can be almost real.

4, linen

In addition to its breathability and wear resistance, the fabric sofa of linen is the most important feature of its thermal conductivity. The so-called "warm winter and cool summer" is the most suitable for describing its characteristics.

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