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Rectangular Japanese dining table

Style : Japanese style 

Material: rubber wood 

Size : Customized Rectangular Japanese dining table is available .  

Delivery date : 45 days 

Advantages of rectangular Japanese dining table : Imported high quality rubber wood , smooth and wide panel , delicate touch , easy to clean , scratch resistant , good water resistance . Corner rounded design to avoid bump damage , solid table corner solid wood V- shaped stable table corner stable support . Dining chair with large sitting surface , comfortable and breathable .

Picture color difference description: Different pictures (mobile or SLR) in different environments (warm or side) at different angles (warm or side) and different pictures (morning, noon, afternoon or night) take pictures differently, the picture color difference is normal.

Real solid wood furniture: Consumers have always had a misunderstanding that the surface of high-quality furniture must be smooth and scar-free. In fact, real solid wood furniture has natural defects, and trees cannot be crusted. On the contrary, if the surface of the furniture is smooth and dazzling, the texture is adjusted, and the shape of the structure is changeable, it is a triamine plate or a veneer. The price of solid wood and non-solid wood is very different. The art of nature exists only in the solid wood.

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